Should you invest in the commercial spaces at Vatika One on One, NH 48, Gurgaon?

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Vatika One On One presently finds its name among the top commercial estates developed in Gurgaon. The established developer, Vatika Group, has launched this leading project in the city. Naturally, a sizable segment of investors is booking the office and retail spaces in this project. Given that the estate lies on NH 48, the locational advantages enhance the demand for such promising commercial spaces. Gurgaon continues to allure commercial giants as well as startups with its mesmerizing infrastructure. Presently, more than a lakh families are residing in different parts of Gurgaon. This demonstrates the business footfall for the ventures operating from this estate. You might check out the Vatika One On One Google reviews to form a concept on the tremendous growth awaiting your venture.

Vatika One on One: Key features

The project at Vatika One on One Gurgaon has been developed on a sprawling area, covering 13.08 acres. There are six blocks in this commercial estate, evident from the floor plan. Besides, the estate has got three basements, a ground floor, and as many as 25 storeys housing the commercial units. The developers have designed this building in such a way that it would be energy-efficient. Particularly, the stone and glass structure makes it visually appealing. Moreover, the estate has got enough greenery in the complex.

The most speculating aspect about this project is the tower, developed at a height of 103 meters. This is unique in the sense that no other commercial project in the city holds such a record. The developers have also been judicious while utilizing the space. This justifies why the commercial units are located around the side and central cores.

 Vatika One on One: Other specifications

The Vatika One On One reviews presently look positive. Particularly, the developers have largely focused on the quality of these office and retail spaces. All the commercial units have adequate safety features, along with a functional fire detection system. Other safety features include firefighting and suppression. It would be logical to invest in these commercial units, which come integrated with sprinklers, fire extinguishers, wet risers and hose reels for fire. Along with these features, you have fire fighting pumps and yard hydrants as per NBC norms. 

Besides, the plumbing installations are sophisticated, designed in adherence to the norms for public hygiene and health. Most importantly, this commercial project comes with a rainwater harvesting system. The Vatika Google reviews look positive, considering that the business owners would benefit from energy conservation and lower bills, thanks to the effective floor design and range of features available in the project.

Vatika One on One: Location

The Vatika One on One location has been strategic indeed. The proximity to Gurgaon’s best residential zones makes it ideal for business owners. Moreover, the developers have integrated different facilities for the visitors. These include escalators, food courts and Wi-Fi facilities. One can also deploy Grade A staff in this complex. All these factors sum up the extensive popularity of this new estate from the reputed developer. Naturally, investors should be channelizing their funds to book a space in the elegant project.

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